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Sleazy, Slimy, and Coldhearted

A message about art marketing from Eric Rhoads I used to cringe when anyone suggested I go into sales. To me, a salesman was sleazy, slimy, coldhearted, and filled with lies. I did not want to become that, and that's why I resisted sales for many years. Then one day a mentor pointed something out… When your doctor is recommending surgery, she is selling. But you don’t look at it as selling, you look at it as prescribing. A fresh way to look at selling is serving. You and I buy hundreds of things in our lifetime that we did not know we needed, yet turn out to be some of the best things we ever bought. I resisted a dishwasher when I was first married. Washing by hand is easy, and fun. But someone talked me into a dishwasher, and now I’d never want to live without one. Was the person who sold that to me being sleazy, slimy, or coldhearted? Of course not. They offered a service, walked me through the benefits, listened to my issues, answered my questions, and helped me realize how much I really needed it. I’m living in the greatest house ever. I did not want it, because of the price. But once the benefits were pointed out, I bought it, and it was one of the best decisions of my life. [...]

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