The following is one of the little secrets few advertisers understand and a trick employed rarely.

When art magazines print stories about a particular artist we frequently see galleries advertise paintings by that artist in that issue. This is a common practice and recommended. However, I they are missing an opportunity.

Human beings are… well….lazy. A reader may read about an artist or see an ad in a magazine which they think, "I’d like to own that painting or I’d like to own something by that artist." Then life gets in the way and the thought fades. Unless the reader takes immediate action to buy the painting while that thought is with them you have lost a potential buyer… unless you find a way to remind them.

With 20+ years in magazine publishing this is one of the least known, yet most effective techniques and advertiser can employ. Remind the reader by showing up in the issue FOLLOWING the issue which featured the artists. This acts as an effective reminder. You could even tag the ad with "This artist was featured in the December issue of Fine Art Connoisseur." This reminder is a second chance to grab those with good intentions who have either forgotten, put their magazine on a shelf, or wondering "where did I see that again?"

Advertisers who might have several artists who have recently been featured may wish to consider an ad with several smaller icons of images (paintings) in the ad act as reminders of previously featured artists. Sometimes readers need time for the thought of purchasing to germinate. If not reminded they easily forget (thus the value of frequency). I’ve had paintings I cannot stop thinking about for months but cannot remember where I saw it or even who the artist is. This acts as a powerful reminder.