Art Marketing 101, A Handbook for Fine Artists, 3rd Edition
by Constance Smith

Fine artists can now learn all the marketing and business skills they need for survival in the professional world. Learn what art schools don't teach: business savvy. No other book offers artists such concise step-by-step marketing strategies. Art Marketing 101 helps you take care of business, with tips on everything from making winning portfolios to cultivating clients and selling at shows. Learn about the publishing, greeting card and licensing industries, something no other art marketing book explains.
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  Advanced Strategies for Marketing Art,
Innovative Ways to Boost Your Art Career

by Constance Smith

Being educated in all aspects of marketing is a necessity for any business these days.
In our newest 2011 book, artists are introduced to innovative marketing venues.
They will learn:
Reasons why galleries reject artists    Ways to prosper during a down economy
Expanding your clientele                       How to locate corporate art consultants
Patron programs                                     The science of buying a Art in the healthcare sector
Developing an art workshop                Working with nonprofits
Speaking at a conference                      Publicly-funded art programs
Rewards of selling from your studio   The portrait market
Names and websites of over 100 corporate art consultants are listed. Prominent art world professionals have provided articles, giving direct insight into how they operate. If you are a professional, exhibiting artist, you can’t pass up this book.


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  Selling Art 101, The Art of Creative Selling, Second Edition 
by Robert Regis Dvorák

For most artists, selling art is a skill that needs to be learned. If you study the easy-to-approach techniques provided in this book, you will find that Mr. Dvorak's approach to selling art is simple to learn. In the 14 chapters you will learn about: closing secrets, how to use emotions when sellng, listening techniques, how to get referrals, prospecting for clients, 14 power words, telephone techniques, finding and keeping clients, overcoming objections, developing rapport with a client, goal setting and more. 
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Licensing Art 101, Publishing and Licensing Your Artwork for Profit
3rd Edition Updated
by Michael Woodward

Published March 2010.
Over 200 new listings of publishers, agents, calendar publishers and more.
Learn how to increase your income by licensing your art. Reaching this industry takes special knowledge. That's exactly what you'll receive in this book: assistance from an expert. The first part of the book has information about conducting business with the publishing and licensing industry; the second part lists contacts in the industry with names, addresses, telephone numbers, web sites and what type of art the company is looking for. View the Table of Contents. Read some testimonials.

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Power Up with PR
by Jackie Abramian

Demystify the world of public relations. Learn how to capture the attention of editors.
Read stories about other artists’ media success.
In this book you’ll find charts to help keep track of media contacts, examples of press releases that will help you write your own, information on how to compile a target media list, as well as 300+ national media contacts. Learn about:
Creating win-win PR tools                         Positioning your expertise
Writing a successful press release          Web sites and PR
Creating a media list                                   Using cross-marketing strategies
Pitching an article                                       E-mail media campaigns
Hooking the media                                     Discovering hidden opportunities
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Art Office, 80+ Business Forms, Charts, Sample Letters, Legal Documents &
Business Plans for Fine Artists
, Second Edition
by Constance Smith and Sue Viders

Forms include: Twelve-month planning calendar; Sales agreement; Model release; Rental-lease agreement; Form VA; Slide reference sheet; Competition record; Target market chart; Marketing plan; Customer-client record; Phone-zone sheet; Monthly project status; Twelve-month show planner; Checklist for a juried show; Press release; Print planning calendar; Bill of sale; Pricing worksheet; Artist-gallery consignment agreement; and lots more.......all ready for photocopying!
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